Sand Wash Basin, Colorado :: Wild Horses

P1040319 P1040324 P1040325 P1040337 P1040342 P1040346 P1040348 P1040350 P1040351 P1040383 P1040402 P1040430 P1040433 P1040434 P1040435 P1040438 P1040444 P1040445 P1040448 P1040449 P1040455 P1040458 P1040469 P1040470 P1040472 P1040476 P1040487 P1040490 P1040499 P1040511 P1040514 P1040521 P1040523 P1040527 P1040530 P1040535 P1040538 P1040544 P1040547 P1040559 P1040568 P1040570 P1040578 P1040587 P1040592 P1040593 P1040598 P1040604 P1040606 P1040607 P1040610 P1040629 P1040647 P1040650 P1040653 P1040661 P1040665 P1040678 P1040693 P1040708  P1040368 P1040369 P1040378 P1040384 P1040392 P1040395 P1040401 P1040408 P1040410 P1040411 P1040413 P1040414 P1040422 P1040423 P1040425 P1040471 P1040486 P1040488 P1040491 P1040494 P1040495 P1040498 P1040500 P1040518 P1040519 P1040528 P1040537 P1040554 P1040557 P1040558 P1040591 P1040597 P1040599 P1040603 P1040612 P1040615 P1040627 P1040630 P1040641 P1040651 P1040677 P1040680 P1040681 P1040687 P1040686 P1040689 P1040696 P1040701 P1040541


6 thoughts on “Sand Wash Basin, Colorado :: Wild Horses

  1. Wow! Stunning shots, Jen. Thanks. We are already talking about another trip in the spring and maybe the fall. Thanks for your support of The HSUS!

  2. Jen – your photos are absolutely stunning! You have such a great eye for capturing the right shot. I’m so glad you were able to join us this weekend and hope you’ll make it to the next one. As Holly said, we may have one or two more next year!

  3. Appreciate seeing these photos. Thanks so much for sending. Hope to be there one day! Enjoyed hearing all about the trip during Council call.

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