Vegan Discoveries at the Farmers Market

The Hollywood farmers market treated me to two new vegan delights today! The first is NoMoo Non-Dairy Wise Cream. All vegan and soy free, some are even processed sugar-free (sweetened with dates and maple syrup). We taste-tested peanut butter chocolate fudge (OMG), a date-sweetened vanilla, and a date-sweetened banana. All were super yums.

photo 3

photo 1

The second treat of the day was The Ridiculous Baking Co. Ridiculous is correct, as we indulged in a breakfast pocket with tofu, almond cheddar cheeze, and some kind of yummy, savory “facon” crumble, and bought a chocolate croissant to take home with us. Low-cal? No. Delicious? Yes.

photo 2We bought fruit and veggies too, I promise.

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